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at leader's 〓cordial rel○ationship with◆ Trump."First○ of all, I'd ●say I'm sor○ry I beat your● guy," Yang said wi〓th a grin, drawing○ howls of laughter■ from the a●udience.Please sc■an the QR Co●de to follow us ○on InstagramPlease ○scan the Q◆R Code to follo●w us on Wechat"Game ○of Thrones" and "Ma■rvelous

as asked

Mrs●. Maisel" w○in big at 70t○h Primetim○e Emmy Awards"Game ○of Thrones" an◆d "Marvelous Mr■s. Maisel" win big■ at 70th Prim○etime Emmy Award■s"Game of Th◆rones" and "Marvelou◆s Mrs. Mai●sel" win big■ at 70th Pri●metime Emmy ●Awards09-1

8-■2018 14:14 BJT◆"Game of Thrones" ◆and "Marvelous Mrs.◆ Maisel" won■ top awards Mo■nday evenin○g at the 7●0th Primetime Emmy A■wards, picking u〓p outstandin◆g drama series and 〓outstanding comedy ■series, resp●ectively.HBO's "■Game of Thrones" ret○urned to t■he Emmys after a yea■r out of c●ontention ■and led the nomina○tions with 22 ◆nods. The f■antasy dra■ma television 〓series is an ◆adaptation of G◆eorge R. R. Martin's○ series of fa■ntasy novels. It's ●the third Emm〓y wins of "〓Game of T


h○rones" for best ●drama series fol○lowing two〓 wins in a ro●w in 2015 and● 2016."The show ■is only as good as ●the people who mak●e it. And we h●ad the greatest cas○t, the gre●atest crew and○ the best ●producers in th●e business. An○d

he wou■

thanks to HBO fo◆r their vision. The■re is no bette○r place to ●work," said produce■r David Beniho〓ff.Martin, the p◆rolific author of○ the series o〓f books upon whic●h the TV series ○is based, told ◆Xinhua, "We ma■y not have ●changed tele

vision■, but as the first〓 fantasy seri●es to win Best ●Drama, we ce●rtainly changed th●e genre and opened t〓he door for oth●er quality fanta●sies."Peter D○inklage also won h○is third Emmy fo■r most outstanding s●upporting a●ctor in a drama s◆eries for "Game of● Thrones." Dinkl■age has been nomin●ated in the cate◆gory seven tim○es and won the aw◆ard in 2011 and 2015〓."I had some concern〓s going into this ro○le, because usually● a role about someon◆e my size usually■ does not h●ave enough depth an●d layers to〓 make it interesting○. This was comp○letely diff●erent. It's bi〓ttersweet ■to see it end," Dink○lage told Xinhua.Ama〓zon's "Marv◆elous Mrs. Maisel"○ dominated th■e comedy catego〓ries with five ○honors including awa●rds for Best C●omedy and Lead Act●ress.When 〓asked about● the relevance of◆ the show giv〓en the tran●sforming effe●cts of feminist acti○vism on the politic■al landscape o●f Times Up an◆d #Me Too ●movements, w■riter/director/exec●utive producer powe◆rhouse, Amy Sherm●an-Palladino, told X〓inhua, "You ca〓n't plan that● kind of perfect tim〓ing. We never exp●ecte

sh; and j●oked about th■
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